Feed Our Demons

Feed Your DemonsAcknowledging, tracking and exploring our inner demons paradoxically does not strengthen them. Instead, it allows us to access this locked up and hidden energy. If we meet this energy, it can serve us. We can invite these highly charged emotions that have been bottled up inside  to be transformed, fed, and nurtured. This energy can become our ally.

When we fight against ourselves and repress our shamed and denied parts, we call them “shadow” or demons but when we do that, they actually gain power and we resist necessary exploration.

When we feed our demons, we are not only rendering them harmless; we are also, acknowledging them instead of running away from them, nurturing the shadow parts of ourselves, so that the energy caught in the struggle transforms into a positive protective force. Feed your demons; acknowledge your charged emotions to better your spiritual awakening.

Come in for a session and I will guide you through the process developed and taught by Lama Tsultrim Allione.

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