I would like to share an article written by a dear friend and colleague of mine. It is truly inspiring and illustrates the potency of meditation for all of us. Between the Breaths by Kate Crisp EVERYTHING IN THIS PRISON is a variation of khaki colorlessness: the concrete walls, the vinyl floors, the metal desks, the hard plastic chairs, and even the pajama-like outfits of all the guys in the room. We’ve been running a mindfulness class at the men’s prison in Rhode Island for years. On this day, I’m attending the graduation of the advanced class for the men who have been participating for three or more years. Most of these men committed serious crimes and have been in prison for decades, with many more years ahead inside. Many have been in prison since they were teens, and the majority are men of color.

Please join me in exploring the trauma in your body through yoga. Discover the source of your activation with curiosity. I am trained in both Somatic Experiencing and Kaiut Yoga to offer you a safe and sure way of working with your body's nervous system. Learn more...

Solar Plexus Bowl Damaris Jarboux (founder and owner of Body Energy Center) taught all of her students this practice. I find it very useful and an effective way of cultivating awareness of my energy field, especially my solar plexus area. It can be done in any position, but it is a good practice to do in bed before getting up in the morning or  going to sleep at night. It takes about 10 minutes.

Ever wonder if setting an intention might change the quality of any given day? In the morning, take a moment to think about what is your main intention for that day. I like to think of something I might want to bring my attention to during that day rather than just try to get through it. It is an opportunity to practice with my mind.

Digestive Distress Trauma (also known as overwhelm and stress) can cause a slew of symptoms including anxiety, panic, distress, sleeping disorders, and many other symptoms. Did you know it could cause Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS)? Maybe you thought trauma only caused psychological repercussions but recent studies say no, that is not the case.