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Free Consultation

I invite you to generic Keppra no prescription for a free initial phone consultation to get to know me, discuss your concerns, ask any questions you have about counseling or my practice and gain a sense of how we could best work together. To schedule a free initial phone consultation, please generic Keppra no prescription via email or call me at (303) 489-8432.

Rates and Payment

The standard rate for an hour individual session, couple/relationship session or Skype distance counseling session is $145. I offer a $5 discount for cash and check payments. I also provide longer sessions at an additional charge.

Payments can be made via cash, check, credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) or PayPal. I do not work directly with insurance providers, but I can provide you with a super bill for you to submit to your insurance company/healthcare plan for possible reimbursement.

Make A Payment

1-hour Session, $145


Appointments can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or as needed. Please generic Keppra no prescription for availability and to schedule an appointment. I prefer to schedule via email.

Keppra without a prescription

Trauma occurs every day, and very few of us make it through life without being affected by a situation or event that causes us to question our safety and general wellbeing. Some people experience developmental trauma in childhood through abuse or neglect. Growing up in volatile environments, where parents were unavailable or harsh, can impact our ability to feel secure in adult relationships, set and maintain healthy boundaries and have a solid sense of self.

The good news is that somatic therapy has been proven to be highly effective in treating trauma. With the right approach, the help and support of an experienced and compassionate trauma therapist and a willingness to engage in the somatic therapy process, it is possible for you to heal from your trauma and experience more calm, balance and joy in your life.

cheap Keppra

If you’re struggling to communicate and connect with your partner, you are not alone. Once the honeymoon ends and couples have spent real time together, the darker, more unregulated sides of each person’s personality inevitably come to surface. The relationship and engagement becomes less fresh and more anticipatory, especially if and when fears or aggression have been expressed. It’s normal and natural for these darker sides to play out in intimate relationships. And, the “shadow side” that our partners often trigger is not bad. Rather, it is the piece of ourselves that needs attention and healing so we can feel whole. In a sense, we hire our partners to help us expose and tend to the darker sides of ourselves. And, when we understand and begin to process our triggers, real healing and growth can occur—both for us as individuals and for our relationships.

cheapest place to buy Keppra

The time spent in the midst of change—whether it was something you wanted or not—can be a stressful, frustrating and sometimes even seemingly helpless experience. Although you may be trying to stay grounded and present, it may have become difficult to focus on tasks at hand or to be available to the people you love. Rather than gaining clarity and calmness with time, everyday may feel increasingly uncertain, unfamiliar and upsetting.

If you’re struggling to accept and process a significant life transition, you are not alone. Almost everyone bumps up against at least one big change in life that causes feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and fear. Although change is inevitable and is the only thing that is a guarantee in life, humans are wired to be resistant to change. In fact, it is not treatment for mental health disorders, but, rather, the need for support and guidance during a challenging transition that brings countless people to therapy.

buy Keppra online no prescription

Living with anxiety can be a frustrating, exhausting and even seemingly helpless experience. You may be experiencing a constant undercurrent of worry, unable to ever fully relax regardless of how hard you try. Or, your anxiety may have become so severe that it’s caused panic attacks or keeps you from doing things you once enjoyed. Regardless of the severity, anxiety may be impacting your productivity at work or negatively affecting your relationships with the people in your life, especially if they don’t understand or you struggle to communicate what you’re experiencing. You may desperately want relief.

The good news is that there is help and hope. While anxiety disorders are very common in our culture, with the right techniques and the help of an experienced and understanding therapist, anxiety can be overcome.

cheap Keppra online

Living with depression can be a lonely, heavy and hopeless experience. You might struggle to get out of bed each morning, feeling overwhelmed at even the thought of having to engage with others or get through the tasks ahead. Your productivity at work may be down and your relationships with others may be strained. Regardless of how hard you try, you may be struggling to connect with feelings of focus, connection or joy.

When we are depressed, our systems are down—they are literally de-pressed. In depression treatment, my goal is to help you to awaken and aliven your system so that you have the energy and desire to engage in the world and connect with the people in your life.

can you buy Keppra over the counter in spain

Are you trying to manage athletic training and performance anxiety or to recover from a sports injury or another type of accident? Do you want to feel healthy, whole and confident mentally, emotionally and physically? Perhaps you are an athlete looking to up your performance and increase the tolerance, resiliency and capacity of your nervous system. Or maybe you have suffered a physical injury or undergone a medical surgery and want to address both the emotional and physical trauma that feels stuck in your body. Maybe you are looking to supplement your training and/or treatment with a somatic therapy approach. Whether you’re in recovery or working toward reaching your athletic potential, you might want to assimilate mind, body and spirit and live with the confidence of an integrated, whole self.

where to buy Keppra online

Struggling with attachment issues can be a confusing, stressful and lonely experience. You may have struggled with intimate and interpersonal relationships for years, unsure of why it has been so difficult for you to connect meaningfully with another and sustain a healthy relationship.

With guidance, support and a somatic approach that is right for you, it is possible to let go of the past, heal and feel whole. You can develop secure relationships with the people in your life, attract a healthy partner and stay grounded, balanced and happy in the present.

I customize a therapeutic approach that best supports and addresses each of my client’s specific history, personality, needs and therapy goals. With this support and guidance, the right approach for you and a willingness to engage with curiosity and a commitment to the therapy process, I can help you develop capacity to enjoy your life rather than endure it.

— Shanly Weber