How To Slow Down: An Approach To Meditation

How To Slow Down: An Initial Approach to Meditation

What happens when we slow down and things begin to settle? Thoughts begin to sink like mud to the bottom of a lake. When this type of settling occurs, a clearer and more precise experience takes place in our minds and bodies. We witness our reactions and responses slower and maybe we better understand the way we feel. This understanding is prajna, profound cognition that occurs through the practice of meditation. It serves as a tool to cultivate deeper awareness of our experiences. We think we are so special and unique, but when we surrender to this exploration, we discover we are a composite of form, sense perceptions, consciousness, etc., and merely a sum of these parts. This realization allows us space to release our ideas about how things are and become curious about how they feel. There is a change in attitude toward our personal experience and thoughts that fuel our underlying sense of angst. Our experience may unfold into the ability to rest our mind and somatically experience our body. But, we have to slow down before we begin to meditate in this way.

Wondering how to slow down?

The best way to practice this is to let go of thinking there is any right way to do it. Start with where you are. Start with your body.

I think sitting is the best posture to begin. With your eyes open or closed, find yourself in the space you are in. If you are on a chair or on the floor, notice where the chair or floor is in the room. Notice your posture and how you feel. Feel the contact and slowly look around. What do you see? What don’t you see? What do you notice? What don’t you notice? Feel the space you are in. Become aware of what day it is, what time of day it is, what the weather is, what you have done before you decided to do this exercise, what you are going to do after this exercise and how long will you do it. Be, breathe and notice the quality and pace of your breath. Just notice it. Don’t change it. You may begin to think about your experience. Just think your thoughts. Don’t follow them or believe them, just see them. Breathe, feel and notice. If you start with this simple approach, you will find there is space in your mind for curiosity to explore your body and your mind. This is the beginning of a type of meditation practice. Be in the present moment through your body and mind. That is all you have to do right now. Slow down and settle into it.




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