I offer Personal Sessions, Individual Case Consultations, and Group Case Consultations and am approved for all levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Please confirm with me BEFORE you pay.

Individual Somatic Experiencing Consultations

The cost is $150 for a one-hour individual consultation and can take place in my office, or via SKYPE, FACETIME, or ZOOM, an online conferencing platform. Payments can be made via cash, check, credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover), PayPal or Venmo: @Shanly-Weber.

Email me to set up an appointment.

Make A Payment

1-hour Session, $150

What to expect

SE Consultation is a required and enriching aspect of your SE training.  It will allow time for you to ask personal questions as well as help you integrate SE work into your specific practice.

I am always willing to explore topics that would be most supportive of your learning. It is also fine if you have general conceptual questions about the SE curriculum.

I recommend you share a brief (and confidential) description of your client and his, her, or their background (around 5-10 minutes depending on the complexity of their history and presentation). If you have been through the intermediate training, think about what “categories” of trauma they might fit into.

I recommend you let me know what SE interventions you have tried and what the outcomes were. I may ask you to describe bodily sensations or other elements of SIBAM that you have been tracking while working with them.

Some question we might explore together:

  • What kinds of bodily sensations or other elements of SIBAM have you been tracking?
  • At baseline, where is your client’s nervous system?
  • Are they regulated, sympathetically charged, or shut down?
  • Do they exhibit fight, flight, and freeze in their bodies?
  • How do they describe their physiological state?
  • How you do perceive their physiological states in their bodies?
  • Have you been able to facilitate pendulation?
  • How have you used SE with them successfully?
  • Where and how do they continue to be disregulated?


Group Somatic Experiencing Consultations

Group Somatic Experiencing Consultations are offered both LIVE in Boulder and ONLINE. These are offered on separate days and times.

My Somatic Experiencing consults are designed to be interactive. Participants may bring questions that are relevant to their trainings, their work with clients, and to establishing a successful private practice. The environment invites curiosity and daring. Feel free to ask what you have never dared to ask before! I am here to serve as a mentor as well as a liaison to Somatic Experiencing Institute.

“Shanly’s steady presence and expert knowledge of Somatic Experiencing makes for a relaxed, yet exciting supervision experience. She is aware of the unique skills each member brings to the group, generously recognizing these skills throughout sessions. Shanly clearly demonstrates her deep understanding of SE in ways that encourage and promote growth in the practitioner.”  -Maura Waltrip, MA, PT, LPCC

“Shanly offers down-to-earth guidance with her open and approachable style. She is knowledgeable and compassionate, treating therapists as equals, supporting their strengths and wisdom regarding Somatic Experiencing® trauma therapy.”  -Alison D.

Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Group Consultations are offered ONLINE 2nd Tuesday Evenings (6-7:30 pm) and LIVE in Boulder on 3rd Thursday Afternoons (2-5 pm) of each month. Contact me to reserve your space. A minimum of six participants is required for each consultation. All times are Mountain Time.

Cost is $85/person per 3-hour group consultation; $50/person per 1.5-hour group consultation. Pay online using the PayPal buttons below (PayPal accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or pay with your PayPal account).

Upcoming SE Small ONLINE Group Case Consultations

Approved for all levels
1.5 hours, .5 group consult credit $50

Every second Tuesday monthly

January 14, 6-7:30 MT
February 11, 6-7:30 MT
March 10, 6-7:30 MT
April 14, 6-7:30 MT
May 12, 6-7:30 MT

Upcoming SE Small LIVE Group Case Consultations

Approved for all levels
3 hours, 1 group consult credit $85

Every third Thursday monthly

January 16, 2-5PM
February 20, 2-5PM
March 19, 2-5PM
April 16, 2-5PM
May 21, 2-5PM

I also offer individual live and online case consultations for all levels.


1.5-Hour Group Online Consultation, $50

3-Hour Live Group Consultation, $85


Examples of goals that many SE students have are: creating a better clinical experience of SE, learning how to apply general SE concepts to specific cases, and the movement toward the “art” of the work so  they feel natural using their SE tools with clients. Group consults give us the opportunity to learn from other cases, clients, and colleagues, broadening our knowledge of SE beyond our own experience.

I look forward to hearing from you.

As a matter of ethical standard, providers may not refuse service to participants on scholarship. To receive the appropriate scholarship rate, the participant must disclose their scholarship receipt. Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute can verify this information.

NOTE: Scheduling for Group Consults is subject to change. Should a schedule change be made after you have registered, you will be given the opportunity to change to another date or will be provided with a refund.

Signing session logs

Each individual and group consultation with me counts towards your SEP certificate requirements for Individual or Group Case Consultation.


I customize a therapeutic approach that best supports and addresses each of my client’s specific history, personality, needs and therapy goals. With this support and guidance, the right approach for you and a willingness to engage with curiosity and a commitment to the therapy process, I can help you develop capacity to enjoy your life rather than endure it.

— Shanly Weber