Setting Intention

Setting Intention

Setting Intention

Ever wonder if setting an intention might change the quality of any given day?

In the morning, take a moment to think about what is your main intention for that day.

I like to think of something I might want to bring my attention to during that day rather than just try to get through it. It is an opportunity to practice with my mind.

When the day is over, come back around to the intention you set in the morning and see if this practice made a difference. Begin by appreciating what connected you to your heart. Reflect on the times when you lost that connection and ask yourself how it changed your behavior.

Don’t beat yourself up by judging the experience and rating it.
Just take note how your intention shifted (or didn’t!) your awareness.

This practice is a life-long journey, and doesn’t happen quickly. No need to worry about the past or speculate about the future but look at each day as another opportunity to explore.

Every day is a fresh start and every evening a chance to cultivate more awareness by reflecting on how you acknowledged your experience.

It is so easy to get caught up with our lives when we don’t view it within a larger context.

Try this. Take time.

Step back and see if you can make a difference when you commit to an intention.

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