Intensity versus Intimacy?

Intimate vs Intense RelationshipsIs there a bridge from intensity to intimacy?

What is more important to you in relationships? Intensity or Intimacy? Can we have both? Do we want both?

Intensity can be defined as a measure or degree of emotional excitement. High intensity possesses high risk and high drama; also it tends to be uncertain. Are you typically drawn to this type of relationship? If you are, take the time to monitor and track your sensations and emotions. One minute you might be on cloud nine and the next you are crashing into despair. The other person’s needs might become more important than yours, your reason for being.

Is this an experience that is familiar to you?

These feelings are powerful. Our nervous system can go on high alert when we develop connection. We may notice we continually react to one another. There is no ground to be found, no center to experience the ride…just the grasping for more.

In a nutshell, an exciting but an insecure relationship.

Is there a choice?

Mmm. think about it or should I say feel about it.

What does intimacy feel like? Does it feel “healthier”? How? Love evolves. It deepens. Trust is valuable. We allow ourselves to be who we are and allow the other to show you they truly are. The passion at the beginning evolves into a deeper, calmer place of safety and intimacy. Can you trust that your partner will be there, trust that they want to be in this type of relationship? Can you trust that your feelings are reciprocal? Is it comfortable and filled will mutual love, kindness and respect? How do I experience it?

Take the time to ask yourself these questions and answer by tracking your bodily response. Don’t force the answers. Listen and notice the response.

It could be a new way of being in relationship.

I love working with relationships by educating my clients about attachment issues and cultivating our awareness about them

Give me a call and I will elaborate further on what I mean by that!

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